Monday, September 11, 2006

Accident or intentional leak?????

To resume the link: A random person (so far anonymous) walks by a Danish forensic laboratory investigating the Danish/Islamic terrorist arrested a little week ago, by coincidence he notice a paper from a report laying on the ground. He picks up and reads the document which is a report that says the police has found an explosive called triacetoneperioxid when they searched the properties of the arrested "terrorist"...

Honestly I can't believe this story... it smells far away of some SECRET police officers wanting to justify what they did in the public instead of the court! What I don't get is how the Danish press can eat this story without any critical journalism? Islamofobia????


Blogger Comrade_S said...

Denmark is Islamophobic man, we all know it.

Nice to hear from you anyhow ;-)

Drop me a mail or something

11:34 AM  

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