Friday, June 16, 2006


I hate multinationals - I hate universities - I hate by the book people

I happened to go to an interview today, for a multinational company. It stank... first of all the office stank! How can you work in a place where you aren't able to pick your nose without 100 other people watching it? Especially in Spain where it is so dry you have to do it at least twice every hour!

So I'm there in the interview with to other guys (project leaders) and I don't understand half. They start, easy questions like "what are you doing in Spain?", "how long have you been here?" "Tell us about your experience?": Of course I try my best - trying to avoid make to many mistakes! Then they get to the though questions like "What does polymorphism mean?", "what does an inner join do?" and "what's the difference between an inner join and a left join?" - well, to be honest I don't have any idea on half of all these questions: Not because I don't know what it is, but because I do know what it is - I just don't know the names.

I hate it... the same crap happened in London - but they ended up wanting to hire me anyway! Anyway I will addapt and learn and don't make the same mistake again. But right now I'm just angry.

Anyway I got home afterwards didn't an other interview that was even more crap! Got home again checked my days adsense income and realized that I made a new record on gathering more than 5 $ in one day - I only need to triple that result and I've reached my goal...

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